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It's March

St. Patricks' Day

Newly posted Irish tunes

Battle of Aughrim, Irish, after the battle in the 1690's Jacobite wars. Also used in the 2013 film "The Lone Ranger", along with "The William Tell overture". (IF, for some reason, you want to play the "William Tell Overture" for St. Paddy's, calling it the "Billy Tell O'Verture", take a look at the Back of the Schoolbus Suite III.
Coleraine - Irish traditional high-energy jig, in Am.l Fun to play.
Easy You Rogue. Stop. - Traditional Irish jug by piper John Murphy ca 1809
Off She Goes - Traditional Irish jig...in D..with lyrics..."Off she goes to Donnybrook Fair.."

More Irish Tunes

Get Up Early - Irish, Bunting - from 1792 Harp Festival - two versions, one of them a duet. Compare to Coleraine for a much faster variant
Blarney Pilgrim, Irish Jig, a great three part jig in D mixolydian.
Father O'Flynn - Irish jig, a/k/a Top of Cork Road with piano accompaniment, another as a straight lead sheet
Ballykeel Jig, A fast driving Irish jig that goes from D mixolydian to D ionian mode
Irish Jigg, The - Parental Advisory - The Irish Jigg is a somewhat bawdy song by Thomas D'Urfey. The melody is a jig in 6/8
Irish Ho-Hoane - Irish origin, dating from almost two centuries before O'Carolan. Found in English Fitzwilliam Virginal Book from the 1500s
Night Before Larry Was Stretched - Irish, traditional 19th Century 9/8 song in Gm, with an Am version
Lots more Irish tunes


For the Green Beer Irish

Irish Washer Woman - Irish jig, with piano accompaniment lines, one of the few Irish tunes universally recognized by the "Green Beer Irish" at any time of the day or night on March 17. (However, it just might have been composed for an English ballad opera.) Two versions, one of them with parody lyrics
My Wild Irish Rose - American Irish Theatre, St. Paddy's Day green beer favorite
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling - American Irish Theatre, St. Paddy's Day favorite - Due


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