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Last Month's Tunes

The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Billy Pringle's Pig - An 18th century humorous song set to a minuet in G written by the English/Italian violinist Francesco Geminiani. When performing this, I ususally advised the audience that I was about to perform a very sad song; and that they should get out their handkerchiefs nad Kleenexs now - before I told them the title.

Wild Hog in the Woods - A rather more serious song about a dangerous wild boar ("eats mens' bones and drinks their blood") and the man who hunted it.

Spooky Tunes/Titles for Halloween

"The Headlight"
"Crabs in the Skillet"
"Dies Irae"
"Hole in the Wall"
"Night Before Larry Was Stretched"
"Save Me From Death"
"Merry Men Home From the Grave"
"Abbott's Bromley Horn Dance"
"Save Me From Death"
And a song with a ghost in it,
"She Moved Through the Fair"


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Last update 15 October 2019