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It's May

Cinco de Mayo

Newly posted tunes

Cold Frosty Morning - The American fiddle tune in Am. Hopefully all the cold, frosty mornings are over by May.
Korobushka - Russian folk dance/song tune in Am which lends itself to lots of variations.
MacAllistrum's March - Irish/Scottish March from the 1600s - in D
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star - a heavily arpeggiated arrangment of the simple old standard

More Tunes

Katusha - Ukrainian/Russian folk tune - IF you are going to tackle Korobushka, you might as well learn Katusha as well. It's shorter.

Cinco de Mayo tunes....sort of....

Green Grow the Rashes O - A Robert Burns song said to be popular with Norte AMericano troops during the Mexican War, and related to the Mexican word "gringo".
Uncle Sam and Miss Texas - a jingoistic song from the run-up to the War with Mexico
Yellow Rose of Texas - On the subject of Tejas, most of Emily Dickinson's poems can be sung to this tune.


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