Kitchen Musician® Book 13
Litel Renaissance and Medaeival Faque Book

Just what you need to be authentic for the Ren Faire

No.13 Litel Renaissance and Medaeival Faque Book, Newly expanded to add tunes from sources such as the Skene Manuscript and Arbeau's Orchesograaphie. Over 33 tunes in standard notation with guitar chords, from Renaissance, French and medieval sources. Includes historical notes, bibliography and discography. Tunes include Adew Dundee, Abbots Bromley Horn Dance, Almaine, Alman Anon, The Bear (Krebbel Giant Dance), Branle Double, Branle Single, Branle Gay, Branle Bourgoigne, Corranto CCI, Corranto CCV, Cuncti Simus Concanentes, Daunce CCVI, Hoboeckentanz, I Will Not Go to My Bed Till I Should Die, Jenny Pluck Pears, Joy to the Person of My Love, Kilt thy Coat Maggie, Let Never Crueltie Dishonor Beauty, Morrisque, Nonesuch, Peggie is Over the Sea wi'ye Soldier, La Rotta, Saltarello, Scotch Cap, La Volta, Veze Setta, and bourrees, and more. Even the covers are playable, with a Dies Irae on the front and the Agincourt Carol on the back - $8

La Rotta - one of the "hot" medieval tunes in Book 13
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And Now - The companion CD to Book 13 - Alman

All the tunes in the original Book 13, (but not the new tunes in the expansion) including the Dies Irae and the Agincourt Carol on the covers. Sara Johnson - Hammered Dulcimer, Laud
Maynard Johnson - Recorder, Flageolets, Percussion, keyboards, Computer - Digital Instrument sounds of medaeival and renaissance instrumments (chalemie, vielle, book regale, krumhorns, etc.) - $10.00

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