Kitchen Musician® Book 14 -
Songs, Airs & Dances of the 18th Century



No. 14 Songs, Airs and Dances of the 18th Century - 36 tunes in standard music notation with guitar chords, with references, discography and historical notes, being a collection of tunes for hammered dulcimer, fiddle, violon, flageolet, English or German flute, cittern or mandolin, English or Spanish guitar, harpsichord, pianoforte, etc. after the fashion of the18th Century, including All in a Garden Green, Aniseed-Water Robin, Argeers, Auretti's Dutch Skipper, Auretti's Minuet, Balleto Forza D'Amore, Balleto La Sirena, The Beggar Boy, Black and Grey, Bobbing Joe, Bourrees by Mr. Krieger and by Mr. Kusser, Beffens, Count Saxe's Minuet, Cuckolds All a row, Denbigh Minuet, Fine Companion, Gathering Peascods, a Gigue by Mr. Handel, Indian Queen, an Italian Rant, Juice of Barley, Kemp's Jig, Jamaica, Kettle Drum, Lady Catherine Ogle, Lumps of Pudding, a Menuett by Mr. Krieger, Newcastle, Over the Hills and Far Away (from Mr. Gay's Beggars Opera), Packington's Pound, Parsons Farewell, Paul's Wharf, a Sarabande by Mr. Handel, Scots Rant, and Upon Women's Love, a catch by Mr. Purcell. - Book 14 - $8.00

Over the Hills and Far Away, from the Beggar's Opera, 1728, one of the tunes in Book 14

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