Kitchen Musician® Book 8
Twenty Eight Country Dances



No.8 Twenty Eight Country Dances as Done at the New Boston Fair. Music used at a reenactment of a trade fair of the Federal Period, 1780 - 1818.

28 Tunes in standard music notation, with guitar chords and dance instructions. English country dance tunes such as Auretti's Dutch Skipper, Bath Carnival (Keppel's Delight), La Belle Catherine, College Hornpipe, The Bishop, The Comical Fellow, The Fandango, The Female Saylor, Fishar's Horpipe, Hunt the Squirrel, Jamie Allen, Knole Park, The Fandango, Pea Straw, The Trip to Tunbridge, White Cockade, Yankee Doodle. Book No. 8 includes dance instructions. $8

Auretti's Dutch Skipper - one of the tunes in Book No. 8

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