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Square One, No. 1 - Hammer Dulcimer for Absolute Beginners, by Linda Foley and Sara Johnson. The first book in a beginner's series of Square One dulcimer books for beginning dulcimists. It begins with getting the dulcimer out of the box and finding out which end is up. The book contains easy-to-understand diagrams and exercises teaching beginners to play and gain hammer control using patterns based on the position markers on the treble bridge. Square One makes no assumptions (and has no requirements) as to the type of bass tuning or chromatic bridges on a particular dulcimer so it's equally useful with fifth tuned bass or octave bass, 12/11, 15/14 or other configurations. Absolute beginners have taken to this book with enthusiasm.

Square One No. 1 - $8.00


Square One No. 2 - Exercises for Hammered Dulcimer (Playing Patterns), by Linda Foley and Sara Johnson - The "Hanon for hammered dulcimer" book. Exercises to develop understanding of patterns, improve speed, accuracy and virtuosity, and to increase general familiarity with the hammered dulcimer and improve ability to improvise and learn new tunes.

Square One No. 2 - $8.00

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