Dr. John Turner, the school's director and instructor, is the third generation in a family of traditional fiddlers. His own style of fiddling, influenced by his study under the late Hector McAndrew, seeks to keep alive the style of the golden era of Scottish fiddling, the 18th century.

John Turner has won the U.S. National Scottish Fiddling Championship 10 times; he has also won the Banchory Cup (1979), the Eastern and the Southeastern U.S. Scottish Fiddling Championships, and has twice been a finalist in the Golden Fiddle Awards in Scotland.

At the US National Scottish Fiddling Competition in Ohio in June 2006, past and present Jink and Diddle participants took three awards in the Open Competition. Jink & Diddle Instructor Colyn Fischer took the National Championship. Jink & Diddle instructor Melinda Crawford took the National Championship in 2003.

In the history of the US National Scottish Fiddling Competitions, 18 of the 31 winners has been either John Turner himself or someone who has studied with him.

To date, John Turner has made eleven solo recordings of traditional Scottish fiddle music and published two books of Scottish music, one of which is comprised entirely of his own compositions, and one of which is a selection of Scottish fiddle tunes by William Marshall, as recorded by John Turner on his "Almost Prefect" album. He is also co-director and performer on a recording for Colonial Williamsburg, and John is a regular performer at Colonial Williamsburg.

He is a performer on the CD "Oceans So Green", the CD, "Favourite Scotch Measures", the CD "Snow Covered Ice - A Scottish Christmas"; and a solo performer on his solo CD "The Wanderer's Lament", and performs on other CDs, including Hale Be Your Fiddle, Highland Summer Storm, Fiddling Rogues and Rascals, Giant in his Field, and John Turner's Musical Menagerie.

John Turner has performed throughout the United States, Canada, and the British Isles, and has judged Scottish fiddling competitions and directed numerous workshops all across the U. S.

John Turner is a past president of Scottish Fiddling in Revival (Scottish FIRE), Inc., a non-profit organization devoted to the preservation and promotion of traditional Scottish fiddle music.