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Dulcimer Sites

Hammered Dulcimer on the Web History, photos, pointers to other sites,- loads of stuff. The Granddaddy of Dulcimer Web Sites, started by Bob Gotwals with information on books, builders, players, festivals, the hammerd@mcs.com maillist, and more. Newly redesigned.
Newsgroup dedicated to discussions of both hammer dulcimers and mountain dulcimers.
hammered_dulcimers@fmp.com Very active hammered dulcimer mailing list with computerized auto-posting for fast delivery of posts. To subscribe, click e-mail link and send message "subscribe hammered_dulcimers" - (That's "hammered" with an "ed", followed by an underline, followed by "dulcimers" plural with no spaces. Or for the digest, click this link.
Radio Free HD - Fast Connections (DSL, cable modem, etc.) streaming mp3 hammered dulcimer music, facilitated by Robin Newberry, featuring a variety of artists
Radio Free HD - Slower (modem)
Augusta Heritage Center 's Spring Dulcimer Week, and a rich program of traditional arts classes. More dulcimer classes during summer Augusta.
Stringalong - Workshops for HD and other folk instruments
Tina Bergmann - Dulcimer player and teacher from Ohio
Peggy Carter's site - Peggy's hammered dulcimer site has a mailing list as well as dulcimer stuff
Common Ground on the Hill - A center for traditional music and arts, founded by dulcimist Walt Michael
Michael Eskin's site - streaming Quicktime hammered dulcimer music
Paul Goelz - Michigan dulcimist, historian and philosopher Paul Goelz
Hills of Kentucky Dulcimer Club - The Hills of Kentucky Dulcimer Club is in Northern Kentucky, the part near Cincinnati OH.
Joshua Messick's site - At the age of 16 , Joshua Messick won the 2001 Reserve National Hammer Dulcimer Championship and 2000 Texas State Hammer Dulcimer Championship
Judi Morningstar - Michigan dulcimist and author Judi Morningstar
John Lionarons' Site - John Lionarons web site
Peggy Lynn and Quercus Music - Folk singer and songwriter, records and performs with hammered dulcimist Dan Duggan
Tom MacKenzie's Site - Vermont dulcimer player Tom MacKenzie, and play dates for the Woods Tea Company
Cliff Moses - Dulcimist Cliff Moses' site has sections on Irish ornamentation techniques, and more
Simple Gifts - folk and inspirational music with hammered dulcimer in Florida, music and links
Sherlock's site - Hammered dulcimist Susan Sherlock, not Sherlock Holmes.
Skaryd's HD Site - Michigan and Great Lakes Dulcimer information, and the Evart, Hastings and Midland, Michigan Dulcimer Festivals
Nonsuch - The Official Nonsuch Web Site for the UK Dulcimer Club, includes playing tips, and links to David Kettelwell's work on dulcimer history
No Strings Attached - Indie award winning band with dulcimists Randy Marchany and Wes Chappell.
Chris Peterson's Site - Dulcimist Chris Peterson also has detailed midi information, and an overview of connecting PC's to midi equipment
Celtic Music in Italy - Alfredo De Pietra's Celtic Music site, Palermo Italy (in Italian)
Brett Ridgeway - Brett's site with a player list and info about his learing by ear tapes, workshops, etc.
Tenpenny Bit - Irish music and contradance music band with hammered dulcimer.
Rogues' Consort and Sara Johnson - My dulcimer recordings on this site.
Stu Janis and Greenwood Tree - Minnesota hammered dulcimer.
Unicity - Dulcimist Marty Baum's site, with sound samples from his world, folk, jazz fusion dulcimer recording.

Dulcimer Books - Wide World of Dulcimer Books
Dulcimer Clubs - Mainly mountain dulcimer, but Joe Zsigray's site includes hammered dulcimer clubs.
Dulcimer Links and More - Chuck Boody's Website has dozens of music links
Dulcimer Players - Find out if there's a dulcimer player near you.
Dulcimer Teachers - Dulcimer lessons, anyone? Find a teacher near you.
Dulcimer T-Shirts - From musician, designer Tom Norulak
Dulcimer Stores and folk stores - the web sites are listed in the store listing on this site.

Dulcimer Plans - Do It Yourself - Dust off those Binford power tools and make a hammered dulcimer.
(Please note: I am not a builder, and this listing is not a recommendation - just information on where to get information. If you are planning on building a hammered dulcimer, you should check out all the information you can find on plans, kits, etc. Depending on your skill level in working with sharp objects, keep the phone number of the emergency room handy.)

Ardies' Book - Randy "Ardie" Davis' book on building a 15/14 hammered dulcimer with a floating soundboard.
Neal A. Koch's book
- Do-It-Yourself Dulcimer Building Start To Finish - 170 pages with 21 pages of computer generated plans - from Little Leaf Press (Look for Neal when you get to Little Leaf)
Charlie Alm's book on how to build your own hammered dulcimer
Dayspring Dulcimers - Book by Bill Johnson with detailed complete plans and blueprints on how to build a 15/14 hammered dulcimer.
Luthier's Guild Dulcimer Plans - Guild of American Luthiers. The Guild has plans for various instruments, including dulcimers
Dulcimer Plans for the "dulcimer thingy from pipes and logs"
Instrument Makers Forum - Website forum for makers of dulcimers and other instruments. Lots of useful info and links

Mountain Dulcimer Sites - Curious about mountain (lap or Appalachian) dulcimers?

Bear Meadow - Dwain Wilder's site. A wealth of information, illustrated construction methods, materials, finishes, and audio samples of mountain dulcimer music..
Jean Ritchie Home Page - The great lady of moutain dulcimer
Odd Mountain - Bookbinding and a Mountain Dulcimer Book
Sweet Music Index at Bear Mountain - a compendium of information on the mountain dulcimer compiled from readers of the dulcimer-list mailing list.

Music - General

Folk Alliance
1001 Connecticut Avenue NW #501
Washington DC 20036
202-835-3655 - North American Folk Alliance. Fostering traditional, contemporary, and multicultural folk music and dance. If you perform, present, record or sell in the folk music field, check NAFA.

Folk Processor - Philosophical musigs on the "Folk Process" and what is "folk" music, anyway?

EZFolk - a resource featuring mostly folk music, bluegrass, and an assortment of acoustic music, as well as some other things that might be of interest to folk musicians in general, and an instructional website for guitar, banjo, and ukulele mostly geared towards beginners.

Fun Facts about Folk Music - self explanatory

Recording Channel Forums - On line forums for people interested in recording music, including discussions of technical issues, composition, etc.

Scotland In Ohio - Scottish American Cultural Society of Ohio - Scottish Games, Fiddle Contest, Fiddle School and Harp School

Scottish Fiddle School - John Turner's Jink and Diddle School of Scottish Fiddle - Each July in North Carolina, intensive one week school on Scottish fiddle music

Arizona Irish Music - The title says it all.

Top Arts Music Instrument Lists - Lots of stuff and lots of links for all kinds of instruments.

Music Production
BKP Music is one of leading Dubai Based Music, Audio & Video Production Company with over 9 state of the art Sound Studios established across the Middle East.
URL: http://www.bkpmusic.com

Tune and Sheet Music Sites

ABC Library of 100 Morris Tunes - Downloadable Morris dance tunes in ABC notation system. You will need to download abc software from links in the site or from Digital Tradition's site to read them.
Angus Murray's sites: chartmidis and new Scottish music site: www.scottishmusic.co.ukAustralian Dance Music Page - nice collection of tunes from Down Under
Bach - Dave's J S Bach Midi site - lots of JS Bach
Buccaneer Web Radio - Tunes and more, interspersed with "Arrr, Matey!" and other pirate sayings.
Chiff & Fipple: The Pre-Millennial Tinwhistle Experience - A few tunes and a lot of info about tinwhistle
Chuck Boody's - Dulcimist Chuck Boody's music pages, more tunes and links
Dan Beimborn's Tune Collection
Ceolas - Archive of all things Celtic, including music
Ceolas Fiddlers Companion - Information about Celtic Tunes
Classical Music Midi Archive - Massive searchable collection of classical music in Midi format
Clio & Euterpe, or British Harmony Online - Growing collection of PDFs of historical 18th Century British music, and more.
Free Scores. com - Great collection of links to free sheet music on the Internet.
French Tunes - Nice collection of French traditional tunes, gif and various other formats
Yvon Cuillerier's Home Page - Quebec fiddler Yvon Cuillerier's site has music, info and great links to many more tune sites.
Digital Tradition Site - at Mudcat Cafe - searchable database of over 5000 tunes and lyrics, with midi tunes to some of them.
Early Music by Curtis Clark - basically a recorder site but includes many MIDI files of medieval, renaissance pieces.
Guild Musical Links - List of sources and links
Internet MIDI Community's Comprehensive List of Sites With MIDI Files
Kitchen Musician Music Downloadable music and MIDI at this site
Piano Sheet Music - High quality piano sheet music to download and print instantly. Audio MIDI and Mp3 files are also available.
Plain Brown Tunebook - Collection of tunes from England, including tunes from the Ellis Knowles manuscript - probably from the 1840's
Radio Free HD - Fast Connections (DSL, cable modem, etc.) streaming mp3 hammered dulcimer music, facilitated by Robin Newberry, featuring a variety of artists
Radio Free HD - Slower (modem)
Scottish Music at Scottishmusic.co.uk. - Has MP3s as well as other products. Still in test mode March 2004
Sheet Music Plus - On-line sheet music store for all kinds of sheet music and books, including dulcimer, fiddle, banjo, guitar, piano. Instruction books as well as tunes, and from rare Playford facsimile copies to pop. If you can't find it anywhere else, check Sheet Music Plus.
Spud Mountain RFD - Bill & Nancy Martin's webradio show features old time music, bluegrass and other vintage traditional music, including occasional dulcimer recordings. Listen while you surf. Spud Mountain String Band is at http://www.bubbaguitar.com/spud
TuneWeb: Richard Darsie's tune collection
Richard Robinson's Tunebook: Richard Robinson's tune collection and index
Tulloch Gorm: The Traditional Celtic Music of Scotland & Cape Breton - history of Scottish music, musicians, and large selection of tunes in ABC format, plus nice selections of music that plays on Netscape while the pages load. Well worth checking out.
Violin Sheet Music - High quality violin sheet music to download and print instantly. Audio MIDI and Mp3 files are also available.
Virtual Celt Page - Another link to the Celts - including music links
Whistler: Mike Simpson's collection of tunes, includes originals from Atlanta Celtic musicians

Actual Sheet Music Scans
L. S. Levy Collection of 18th, 19th and early 20th Century sheet music at Johns Hopkins - has historic sheet music from about 1780 to early 1900's - covers and all - as jpegs. Searchable and browsable.
Scriptorium sheet music library at Duke University - - has historic sheet music from about pre-Civil War to early 1900's - covers and all. Searchable and browsable.
American Memory at Library of Congress - Sheet music collection of the 1870's

Copyright Issues and Other Legal Information Sites

Public Domain Project: Information on public domain music, and legal issues affecting copyright free music
Copyright Extension: Public domain. Information on the Sonny Bono Memorial Copyright Extension Act extending copyrights by an extra 20 years (longer than the life of a patent), preventing more music from becoming public domain. Professor Dennis Karjala was a leader in the law professors' opposition to extension.
US Copyright Office - the official US government site, information, copyright registration forms, info on searching copyright records via Telnet.
BMI Web Site: Broadcast Music Inc. WWW Site. BMI's Copyrighted Music search engine for its repertoire of songs, authors and publishers, licensing info, etc.
ASCAP WWW Site: ASCAP's site - Copyrighted Music
ASCAP ACE: ASCAP's Search Engine of ASCAP repertoire
SESAC: The third performance licensing organization, once primarily European
NMPA - Harry Fox Agency - The National Music Publishers Association / Harry Fox Agency handles licensing of recording rights for their clients. The site has information on mechanical licenses and links to myriad other copyright and music sites
Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Association - Canadian copyright matters, and links to other sites
Australasian Performing Right Association - ANZ copyright licensing organization
Electronic Frontier Foundation: Information on Internet issues, including copyright
Home Recording Rights Coalition : information on legislation affecting your right to purchase and use home audio and video recording products for noncommercial purposes.
United States Patent and Trademark Office - Information and search engines for patents and trademark registrations.
Trademarks - USPTO - Basic Info and searching on registered trademarks. Try searching for "dulcimer" or "kitchen musician".
Patents - USPTO - Searching for patent information. Try a search for "dulcimer" or "guitar".


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