Oceans So Green

Music from Ireland in Colonial America

Harp, Fiddles, Hammered Dulcimer, Violincello, Harpsichords, Pianoforte, Recorders, Flageolets, Citterns, English guittar
Rogues' Consort
Sara and Maynard Johnson, with
Carmen Pillitteri, John Turner and Sara Walthery
Ysgubor y Barwn
Captain O'Kane
The Night Before Larry Was Stretched
The 29 tunes on this CD are taken from 18th century books and 18th century American commonplace books. Many of the tunes are played in arrangements taken from 18th Century Irish music collections written by Burk Thumoth in the 1760s (whose books were in Thomas Jefferson's collection) and by Edward Bunting (who transcribed the Belfast Harp Festival of 1792) and by O'Farrell the piper. The 16 page booklet includes information on two emigrants from Ireland, Sir William Johnson of New York Colony and Governor Arthur Dobbs of North Carolina Colony, who brought Irish harpers to America in the 1700s. CD with 16 page booklet - $15 (more) (expanded liner notes)

Pass'd Times - CD

Popular Music of the Revolutionary Era
50 Popular Tunes of 18th Century America

 Hammered Dulcimer, Fiddles, Citterns, Guitar, Flageolets, Recorders, Harp & Etc.
Sara & Maynard Johnson & the Rogue's Consort
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Track List
Bob and Joan
Frenet Ha'
Chorus Jigg
Durang's Hornpipe
Fishar's Hornpipe
Pompey Ran Away
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The fifty tunes on this recording, available in the book Dances, Marches, Minuetts and Duetts of the Later 18th Century are from 18th century American commonplace books and a manuscript collection from the British Isles. Other sources are 18th century printed collections, from which some of the commonplace book owners may have copied or learned their tunes. The tunes have been chosen because they appeared so frequently in all these sources. CD - $15

Crossing to Ireland

Nancy Bick Clark - Celtic Harp
Sara Johnson - Hammered Dulcimer

Elegant Airs & Lively Dances
from Ireland, Scotland & Wales

Track List
Celtic Harp and Hammered Dulcimer - CD $15
Braes of Tulliemet
Miss Wharton Duff's


18th Century music, on Hammered Dulcimer, Virginal, Violin and Citterns

Includes many tunes from the Kirchen Musician Books
Sara Johnson on Hammered Dulcimer and Virginal

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CD $15 -- Cassette $10
Track List
New Riggit Ship
Flitter Dance


Neu . ant' . ics [n(y)u'.ant'.iks] n. 1. The art of playing around with music 2. Recent tricks: being other than old antics 3. New works of art from works of art made at an earlier period, new antiques 4. Music that has been through the Folk Process, i.e. Processed Folk
Celtic and traditional music in a modern setting, with Sara Johnson on Hammer Dulcimer, Courtney Maxwell on violin/viola, Chuck Wiggins on keyboards, piano & percussion,
Debbie Wiggins on vocals, Maynard Johnson on guitar, citterns, wind instruments, Dobro & percussion
Track List
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Interlude in War Hent
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Hale Be Your Fiddle

Scottish Fiddle Music digitally recorded in the historic apple barn at the Jink & Diddle School of Scottish Fiddling at Valle Crucis, NC, and digitally mixed and mastered. In addition to selections performed by the Jink & Diddle School fiddle orchestra, the CD includes solo and small ensemble selections by John Turner,
Sara Johnson, and others
Instrumentation: Fiddles, Violas, Cello,
Hammered Dulcimer, Flute, Guitar
Track List
CD $15
Coilsfield House
Lady Madelina Sinclair
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