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Air Guitar (17th Century)
Abbots Bromley Horn Dance
Begging as an Occupation
The Banjo
Battle of the Kegs
Captain George Bush
Captain Lewis
Dainty Davie
Early Music in the Ohio Valley
Good Taste in Dinner Theatre (15th Century)
The Guitar
Hammered Dulcimer in America
The Indian Queen
Jefferson's Instruments
Jefferson's Music
Landlady of France
Little Man & Little Maid
Music Instruments
Nancy Dawson
O! Dear, What Can the Matter Be
Ohio Boatsmen
One Bottle More
Ormond House
Packington's Pound
Push About the Jorum
St. Clair's Defeat
Ship That Never Returned
Titillating Titles
Toby Filpot & Toby Jugs
Tobacco's But An Indian Weed
Vicar of Bray
Vicar of Bray - Yet Again
Whiskey in the Jar
The World Turned Upside Down
Yankee Doodle

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